About Us

The Kerala DInesh Beedi Workers' Central Co-op Society, One among the largest industrial co-operative societies in india, is established in 1969. Dinesh Information Technology Systems (DITS) is the IT Unit of KDWBWCCS, started in 1999 with the support of Govt. of Kerala

Data Centre

Secure- Powerful- Robust- Stable- Affordable 2014 May, Dits started Data centre solutions for Co-operative banks with the latest and advanced technologies.World class technical ecosystem, high productivity model, well streamlined operations and availability of redundant resources allow us to offer you the best output at the most reasonable rates without compromising with the quality.

PACSCORE- Core Banking Solutions

SIMPLE: STABLE: SECURE: ROBUST: AFFORDABLE PacsCore is an integrated Core banking solution for the entire processing of financial transactions in banking using all channels of distribution. PacsCore core banking software for co-operative banks successfully launched on August 2007 with a blend of all new generation banking facilities like ATM banking, mobile phone banking ,Internet banking etc

El Vendedor (Inventory software)

El Vendedor provides a rich compliment of functionality for managing your inventory and optimizing the use of your Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS).


PALMS - a comprehensive Co-operative Payroll and Leave Management System. The Payroll

Static Websites

DITS is one of the best Web Designing companies in Kannur. DITS has been doing a great job in Web designing and has gained customer satisfaction. Be it a small, diversified or corporate website,our experienced developers and skilled programmers work in close association with the clients.The technology we use in Web desining is the latest and the best.

CMS Websites

Our comprehensive website development services encompass all aspects of the technical and creative process necessary to develop a successfull website.The website we build are supplied with full content management facilities that allow you to easily add,edit,and delete content.Not only does this reduce the cost and burden of maintenance,but also it enables you to manage your own website without the need of an advanced technical knowledge